Check multiple IP address range in DNS blacklist zones

Frequently asked questions.


Q: What is ?

A: Is a unique website tool that is able to check multiple IP address in DNS blacklist database and retrieve result in real time.


Q: What is the time required to check a full subnet 255 IP address ?

A: The time required is less than a minute to check a full subnet and retrieve result.


Q: Can I add multiple IP address ranges to check without limitation ?

A: Yes there is no limit for IP address ranges that you need to check but we always monitors website usage and any suspected spamming will be banned.


Q: Why the blacklist check Is so fast ?

A: Because we are using multithreads to minimize scan time for hundreds of DNS records.


Q: Is the check result always accurate ?

A: Yes the result is always accurate.


Q: What DNS blacklists that you are checking ?

A: We check the following list,,, and .


Q: Is 5 DNS blacklists enough to know if IP is spammed or not ?

A: More than enough because these 5 DNS blacklist zone are the effective DNS blacklists on the internet but others are not effective .


Q: We see websites are able to check single IP address in 100 DNS blacklist or more what is difference ?

A: As stated before hundreds of DNS blacklists are not effective and we do not need to scan these ineffective blacklists.


Q: What is the benefit to add my email when performing a blacklist check ?

A: You will receive report information and also receive notification when report is completed.


Q: What is the minimum time to check the same IP address range again ?

A: Minimum time to check the same IP address range is 2 hours.


Q: What does status means in the blacklist check report ?

A: We have 3 status Queued means IP address list is successfully queued , Processing means start checking IP address list in DNS blacklists

And Completed means all check process have completed successfully and results are available .


Q: I have put IP address range to check but status always queued or processing ?

A: If status is not completed within a minute please contact us immediately.


Q: I found blacklisted entries is more than the number of total IPs to check what does it mean ?

A: This means IP addresses is registered in more than DNS blacklist database.


Q: Is my information IP addresses or email is shared with any third parties ?

A: We do not share these information with any third parties but used only by and this

Exists in our privacy policy


Q: How long report data will be kept in your database ?

A: Report data is kept for 3 days.


Q: I clicked on the report date email link and found ‘invalid report ID’ message what does this means ?

A: This means the report is older than 3 days and have been deleted , so you have to check the IP address range again.

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